The post heroic society- предавање професора Маркуса Мекла са Универзитета у Акурејрију на Исланду - среда, 18. децембар у 17 часова у сали Драгослав Срејовић

Задовољство нам је да вас позовемо на предавање професора Маркуса Мекла са Универзитета у Акурејрију на Исланду које ће се одржати у среду, 18. децембра у 17 часова у свечаној сали Филозофског факултета. Предавање ће бити на енглеском језику.

The post heroic society

The term post-heroism has first been introduced in the late nineties in order to describe a new type of manager who understands himself not so much as a leader, but as a team worker. Recently the term has been taken up by historian and social scientist in order to describe the shifting emphasis from heroes to victims in the culture of memory. Instead of the fighting and daring hero the suffering of the victim is in the center of the public memory. This change will be illustrated with two examples, the development of the memory of the Holocaust and the creation of the post-soviet Latvian identity. This shift in the public memory can be observed all over Europe and has far reaching consequences.

Markus Meckl, professor, studied History and Philosophy in Berlin. In 1999 finished his PhD with the title “Heroes and Martyrs. The Memory of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising“ at the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. From 2000 Assistant Professor for German History and Culture Latvian Academy of Culture. Since 2004, he has been working at the University of Akureyri on Iceland where he is a professor in media studies.