IEA - Publications


The Institute (at the time: Center) is engaged in publishing since 2006: its journal Antropologija (Anthropology) features three issues per year since 2009, grown from its bi-annual edition in first three years of its publishing. The journal met the standards and quality demands required by Social sciences Scientific Board of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia throughout the first year of its publishing and it was placed on the of official Board’s list of publications in 2007.
Antropologija publishes original scientific papers, currents on relevant issues and events in the field, scientific critiques and debates, as well as reviews of scientific monographs and books, while upholding the standard that each contribution presents either a theoretical, methodological, analytical, interpretative, critical or polemical contribution to the field of anthropology.

All of the journal’s issues are free-to-access at