Centre for Theory of History

Centre for theory of history

The Centre for Theory of History is dedicated to a wide spectrum of issues addressing the relationship between theory and history. Over the past several decades we have been witness to an ever-growing interest in theoretic approaches to historical research – a global trend which has as yet had little impact on Serbian historiography. Only a strong theoretical framework allows the study of the past to become more fully integrated with other social sciences; similarly, it leads to a more profound, proper understanding of historical processes, strengthens the autonomy of thought and the integrity of history as an academic discipline, and paves the way for a more thorough examination of its place in modern society. It contributes to the interpretative potential of historiography but also of history teaching at the university level. Thinking in theoretical terms allows for historical problems to be conceptualised, encourages comparative approaches and addresses analytically the interrelation between tradition, identity and collective memory in the world of today.

The Centre for Theory of History aims at stimulating the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas with a conspicuous intercultural and pluridisciplinary orientation (history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, archaeology etc.). Its purpose is to render young historians familiar with current developments in the most advanced historiographic traditions, where theoretical thinking holds a place of no small import.