Institute of Psychology - About the Institute

About the Institute

The Institute of Psychology is a scientific branch within the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. The Institute primarily focuses on fundamental and practical research work as well as on developing intellectual workforce in Serbia. The Institute was formed in 1961 by the Executive Council of then Republic of Serbia in agreement with the Faculty of Philosophy and History and the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. The first Director of the Institute was Professor Nikola Rot, and the first Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institute was Professor Borislav Stevanović.

The purpose of establishing the Institute was to: 1) encourage further research work within various areas of psychology, and 2) develop and improve academic workforce, which would lead to the expansion of higher education. Even though the Institute wasn’t directly involved with organizing the higher education curriculum, it was the Institute thanks to which a great number of future M.A.s and Ph.D.s was able to conduct their research thesis and works. Today, in Serbia, it is impossible to imagine any progress in any of many areas of psychology without the Institute of Psychology, especially considering the uncompromising relationship between the intellectual growth on one, and the Institutional growth on the other hand.

Since 2011, the Director of the Institute: Ivana Stepanović Ilić, Research Associate.