Lectures in General History were first introduced at the Lyceum in 1838. Studies of History continued in 1863 at the Great School and the Faculty of Philosophy, and later on at the University in 1905. The Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Belgrade University was officially established in 1963.

The Department of History offers graduate, master and doctoral studies. Areas of learning and research are: 1) History of Ancient Greece and Near East, 2) History of Ancient Rome, 3) Medieval History, 4) Medieval History of Serbs, Serbian Church – Slavonic Language and Historical Geography, 5) Byzantology, 6) Modern History, 7) Modern History of Serbs, 8) History of Yugoslavia, and 9) Contemporary History.

Today, the Department of History consists of 36 faculty stuff members and enrolls about 450 students.

The Chairman of the Department
Danijela Stefanović, Ph.D.