the Ancient History Seminar Library
The History of Byzantology Seminar Library

The Library of the Department of History was formed after the World War I, when the shared libraries of the Serbian Language Seminar were divided into three separate ones: History, Literature and Linguistics. The Sub-department of Ancient History and the Sub-department of Byzantine Studies have managed to organize their own libraries while the rest of the sub-departments have utilized the History Department Library to become their primary and main foundation.


In the present day, the library collection holds just about 58,000 monograph publications and periodicals. Significant collections of historical source materials and several hundred monographs published between the XVI and the XVIII century outline for only a part of the library’s wealth. The book collection also comprises the legacy of Professor Jorjo Tadić and Professor Sima Ćirković, parts of the library of Stojan Novaković and Fedor Nikić, together with the library of the Institute for the Collection of Source Materials (1908-1918).


Until October 2003, the search within the collections was possible only via an alphabetical authors' catalogue when computerized publications cataloguing system was started. Today, the online system of Virtual Libraries of Serbia (COBISS) also allows users to electronically search the engine containing all monographic publications published since 2000.

Location / Operating Hours

The reading room holding 42 seats is open Monday through Friday 8 A.M – 8 P.M. It is located on the fifth floor of the Faculty of Philosophy Building.


Katarina Kovačević, senior librarian
E-mail: kkovacev@f.bg.ac.rs

Tatjana Nedin, librarian
E-mail: tnedin@f.bg.ac.rs

Miroslav Popović, M.A., librarian
E-mail: miroslav.popovic@f.bg.ac.rs

Contact Phone: +381 (0)11 3206–219