The History of Byzantology Seminar Library

The History of Byzantology Seminar Library

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Efforts on the establishment of the History of Byzantology Seminar Library started in 1906, parallel with the founding of the Chair of Byzantology. The Library was ascertained to aspire collecting both Byzantine sources and modern works (domestic and foreign) dealing with the issues of Byzantine history in particular and medieval history in general. Today, the Seminar Library comprises a remarkable collection of critical editions of Byzantine sources, which constitute the basis for researching both Byzantine and medieval history of the Balkans.


The Library possesses 4,733 titles, among which the editions of Byzantine sources merit special mention. The insignia of the library which is of remarkable rarity is the complete edition of Corpus scriptorum historiae byzantinae (so called Corpus Bonnensis of Byzantine writers), published in Bonn over the period 1828 – 1900. The Corpus Bonnensis contains an invaluable collection of Byzantine authors, with some of its volumes being essential, even nowadays, to any studying of Byzantine history.

The library also owns new critical editions of Byzantine sources supervised by the Association Internationale des Études byzantines (series Corpus fontium historiae byzantinae), indispensable to modern Byzantology and medieval studies. Besides its sources, among the most precious possessions of the Library are complete volumes of old international journals and periodicals, among which Byzantinische Zeitschrift published in 1892 is the oldest published periodical for Byzantine studies.


The search within the collections is possible via an alphabetical authors’ catalogue.

Location / Operating Hours

The reading room 552 is open Monday 11 A.M. – 13 P.M, Wednesday 10 A.M. – 12 P.M. and Friday 13 P.M. – 15 P.M. It is located on the fifth floor of the Faculty of Philosophy Building.


Radivoj Radić, Ph.D, Professor

Vlada Stanković, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Maja Nikolić, M.A. Assistant

Contact Phone: + 381 (0)11 3281 – 095