In Serbia, philosophy was first taught at the Lyceum in 1853, but continually at the Great School and the University since 1905.

Today, the Philosophy Department, as the primary department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, operates within three seminars: 1) History of Philosophy Seminar, 2) Ethics, Esthetics and Philosophy of Politics Seminar, and 3) Logics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Seminar.

The Department of Philosophy offers numerous and diverse compulsory and elective courses on graduate, master and doctoral levels fundamentally concerning various philosophy issues such as: Logics, Ethics, Esthetics, Epistemology, Methodology, Traditional and Contemporary Metaphysics, Philosophy of Politics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Law, etc. Particular attention is given to History of Philosophy courses, which are required for all stages of the graduate level of higher education.

At present, the Department of Philosophy enrolls about 500 students while the teaching staff employs 25 professors.

The Chairman of the Department
Slobodan Perović, Ph.D.
Associate Professor