Institute for Philosophy - Electronic publications

Electronic publications

The Institute's edition of electronic publications in philosophy includes peer-reviewed international works and translations. All publications have a DOI number as well as an e-ISBN catalog number, and are available for download free of charge. Our aim is to make available these publications to a wide readership.

  1. Epistemologie francaise – French epistemology, Ivan Vuković, Arnaud Francois, ISBN 978-86-88803-90-8 (PDF 1.8 MB)
  2. The curious case of other minds - Philosophical and psychological approaches to social cognition and theories of autism, Ljiljana Radenović, ISBN 978-86-88803-97-7 (PDF 1.28 MB)
  3. Beleške iz logike. Potpunost kompaktnost i posledice, Miloš Adžić, ISBN 978-86-6427-214-8 (PDF 0.98 MB)