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Models of Evaluation and Strategies for Improvement of Education Quality in Serbia

The subject of research, which will be conducted over a four-year period as a project under the Ministry of Education and Science (2011-2014), is presented as Models of evaluation and strategies for improvement of education quality in Serbia.

Over the past decade, educational reforms in Serbia have intensified, bringing attention to the need for evaluating progress thus far. The objective of this project is to assess various aspects of quality of education and academics in Serbia (efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, relevance, sustainability and coherence) from the standpoint of different participants in the system. The project will address conditions, educational processes and outcomes and develop strategies and models for improvement of education quality in Serbia.

Two major frameworks for evaluating quality of education have emerged over the past decade; the economic perspective and social progress perspective. Overcoming discrepancies within and between these two models presents the basis for re-conceptualizing quality of education as a dynamic discipline that continues to evolve and expand while adapting to the cultural and historical environment, international trends and the need for evaluating quality of education in the context of raising living standards for individuals and society as a whole.

The project focuses on (1) conceptualizing and elaborating on quality of education, (2) assessing quality of education in Serbia by applying the developed models, (3) devising strategies to develop education quality and create an educational political climate and scientific practice and finally, (4) affirming education and quality of education as key social values and important factors of social development.

The Project Menager is Radovan Antonijević, Ph.D., Assistant Professor.