Archaeology – Doctoral Degree 2009
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 10.00
Pre-requisites: None

Course objectives: Introducing students to the wide specter of topics in the field of archaeozoological research; training for independent archaeozoological research and specialization within the scope of archaeozoology.

Course description: The subject of Archaeozoology studies; history of the discipline; taxonomic identification; analysis of mammal remnants; analysis of bird remnants; analysis of herpetofauna remnans; analysis of fish remnants; archaeomalacology; analysis of asociation; archaeofauna of the Paleolithic and the Mesolithic; paleoecological reconstruction; hunting and the types of animals that were hunted; extinctions in the quaternary; archaeofauna in the Neolithic; domestication of animals and the Neolithic archaeofauna; secondary exploitation of animals; contextual analysis of archaeozoological material; urban archaeozoology; archaeozoological interpretation.

Learning Outcomes: Essay, projects, written examination

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