Center for the Serbian Studies - Activities and Publications

Activities and Publications

Center for Serbian Studies organized on 28 January 2012 a seminar for history teachers at primary and secondary schools in Serbia, titled “Responsibility of historiography toward the future – a new frameworks and objectives of teaching history in Serbia.” Center also organized a conference for history teachers at primary and secondary schools in Serbia, on 2 February 2013, titled “Controversies in the historiography and their application in the teaching of history”.

One of the most important activities of the Centre is the issue of the scientific journal called “Serbian Studies”. Published articles will be mostly about the questions concerning the past of the Serbian people from the 16th to the 20th century. The key intention of our research will be Serbian history, seen as part of the Balkan historical, geopolitical and social milieu. The Ottoman, Austrian and Venetian histories, the modern Serbian state, its origins and development, the communism and socialism of the 20th century present a great challenge for the historical research because the Serbs at that time lived within boundaries of Central European, the Mediterranean and the Eastern world. The Serbian Studies are going to publish original research works about actual scientific problems and review articles; it will encourage the research of not enough studied areas such as demography, natural recourses, agriculture, rural regions, national identity, cultural particularities; it will explore overlapping and conflicting social influences, state institutions, everyday life, etc. We will publish articles in all the world languages. The articles in Serbian language will include extensive summaries in some of the world languages. Cooperation with similar foreign journals is a very important part of our future engagement. From the first issue The Serbian Studies is going to help the young researchers with their affirmation. In their search for new knowledge we expect they will enter the not yet explored foreign archives. Those new facts can help to highlight the problems, which were previously inadequately and insufficiently studied and present them in a new way. We are planning to publish special issues with critical reviews and scientific discussions about various historical problems. During the above mentioned period, the Serbian past will be critically reexamined with a special focus on crucial moments and great catastrophes, and the downfalls of Serbian nation. The Serbian Studies is planned to be an annual publication.

Editorial Board: Dr Radoš Ljušić, Dr Vojin Dabić, Dr Suzana Rajić, Dr Miloš Jagodić – Faculty of philosophy (Belgrade); Dr Dejan Mikavica, Dr Vladan Gavrilović – Faculty of philosophy (Novi Sad)
Foreign members of the Editorial Board: Dr Ljudmila Vasiljevna Kuzmičeva (Faculty of history, Moscow State University M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow), Dr Wendy Bracewell (School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London), Dr Konstantin Vladimirovič Nikiforov (Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian academy of sciences, Moscow), Dr Ivan Parvev (Faculty of History, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia), Dr Jan Pelikán (Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague).
Secretary of the Editorial Board: Danko Leovac