Ethnology and Anthropology


The Library of the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, is one of the oldest departmental libraries. Along with the History of Art Department Library, it was completely burnt down in a fire that struck the building near by (today’s Faculty of Philology Building) during the World War II fighting in 1944. Once the war was over the library was renovated as it became specialized in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology publications. However, the library is rich in literature related to other social sciences as well.


The carefully selected collection comprises approximately 30,000 books and journals. Among its contents are legacies as well, which are heritage of ethnology professors Jovan Erdeljanović, Đurđica Petrović and Dušan Bandić. B.A. and M.A, theses and doctoral dissertations form a special division of the library collection, and recently it has been supplemented with numerous VHS, CD and DVD compilations.


Until October 2003, the search within the collections was possible only via an alphabetical authors' catalogue when computerized publications cataloguing system was started. Today, the online system of Virtual Libraries of Serbia (COBISS) allows users to electronically search the engine containing all monographic publications published since 2000.

Location / Operating Hours

The reading room holding 30 seats is open Monday through Friday 8 A.M – 8 P.M. It is located on the fifth floor of the Faculty of Philosophy Building.


Jasna Mijailović, librarian

Davor Petrović, librarian

Contact Phone: +381 (0)11 3206–251