Master Programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia 2013
Intercultural Education
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00

Course objectives: Intercultural education is a course that equips students with understanding of the importance of intercultural perspective for curriculum reform and education system reform, as well as for the provision of equal educational opportunities for learners from diverse cultural groups.

Course description: Theoretical instruction 1. Education and the demands of contemporary multicultural society; 2. Culture and cultural differences; 3. Intercultural (mis)understanding; 4. Success factors of intercultural communication; 5. Intercultural and multicultural education – conceptual similarities and differences; 6. The role and goals of intercultural education; 7. The intercultural transformation of the school; 8. The development of intercultural competences and teacher education. Practical instruction 1. Stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination in an educational context; 2. Intercultural reform of the curriculum; 3. Learning styles and the design of an inspiring learning environment; 4. Constructivist teaching methods; 5. Programmes encouraging tolerance, respect for differences and intercultural understanding.

Learning Outcomes: Upon course completion, students will understand the basic concepts and tendencies in the field of intercultural education. They will have gained basic skills for designing an intercultural curriculum and an inspiring and tolerant learning environment. In addition, the course enables students to gain basic knowledge about various dimensions of cultural differences, as well as to develop intercultural sensitivity as the basis for successful communication with both individuals and groups in diverse cultural contexts.

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