Belgrade Philosophical Annual

Journal Issue 36/1
Year 2023


BPA Cover Page

About the Journal

Belgrade Philosophical Annual is published by the Institute for Philosophy, University of Belgrade. The first issue of the journal appeared in 1988. The journal accepts submissions of papers on a broad domain of philosophical topics that meet respectful standards of clarity and scholarly research. Until 2013 most papers published in the journal were written in Serbian. Since 2013 the Editorial Board decided to accept submissions in English only. The Board also decided to change the old version of the name of the journal in English from ‘Philosophy Yearbook’ to its current name. The name of the journal in Serbian remained unchanged ("Filozofski Godišnjak"). The printed edition is published twice a year, while online papers are issued in four annual installments.


Voin Milevski (University of Belgrade)

Associate Editors

Miloš Arsenijević (University of Belgrade)
Jovan Babić (University of Belgrade)
Leon Kojen (University of Belgrade)
Živan Lazović (University of Belgrade)
Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)
Slobodan Perović (University of Belgrade)

Editorial Board

Berit Brogaard (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
Paul Boghossian (NY University)
Aleksandar Jokić (Portland State University)
Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo)
Georg Meggle (University of Leipzig)
J. Angelo Corlett (San Diego State University)
Howard Robinson (Central European University)

Managing Editor

Petar Nurkić (University of Belgrade)


Institute for Philosophy, University of Belgrade


ISSN: 0353-3891