3rd Belgrade Conference on Conditionals

May 27-30, 2017

Philosophy department, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

3rd Belgrade Conference on Conditionals will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade:

The Faculty address is Cika Ljubina 18-20, Belgrade, Serbia:

How to get there from the airport? Taxi service there is specific. Below is the information about it, and more options can be found on the airport site http://www.beg.aero/en/.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is located 18 kilometers away from the city center. For the use of taxi, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area. The price of a taxi service is divided into 6 zones. The faculty belongs to the second zone, and the price is 1800 dinars (~ 15 euros). (The price is guaranteed only if you use this service!) Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service. The taxi waiting area is located just in front of the exit from the International Arrivals terminal.