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The Serbian and Byzantine Art in the Late Middle Ages

The five-year project The Serbian and Byzantine Art in the Late Middle Ages is the most recent and main project led by the Institute and its twenty researchers, and it is financed by Ministry of Education and Technological Growth.

The central topic of the project is the compound ability of art production between XIII and XVIII century – specifically concerning Monumental Art of that period (Architecture, Sculpture, Wall Painting, Iconography, Miniature Painting, and Applied Arts) and its correlation to Byzantine and Western European Art. Information inside this time frame covers for both Medieval and Ottoman Serbia. The art of that period was very much prejudiced by the destiny of the House of Nemanjić, the nation’s geographical location, unsettled country borders, and changeable and unreliable political ideologies subjective to Byzantine influence. These Byzantine and many other Western European influences along with Serbian already existing art forms resulted in creating the authentic and original Serbian Art.

The head of the project is Smiljka Gabelić, Ph.D., Principal Research Associate.