Pedagogy – Bachelor’s Degree 2014
Professional Practice 1
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 3
Recommended Semester: 6
ECTS Credits Allocated: 5.00
Pre-requisites: Completion of the pre-exam obligations of Preschool Education course

Course objectives: Familiarization with kindergarten work domains and understanding the roles of educationalist, educators and children; Reviewing the preschool child education problems in the kindergarten context; development of professional approach to reviewing the preschool education practice.

Course description: During their stay in the kindergarten students: collect the data about educational work organization in the kindergarten and the structure of activities and work; they carry out interviews and familiarize with the work and the documentation of professional service; they analyse the documentation about activity planning and realization; they monitor and observe different activities in the kindergarten as well as the activities of educationalist; they collect the data about an individual child using different observation techniques; they plan and realize firsthand activity with the children.

Learning Outcomes: Student is familiar with and critically reviews: the forms, organization and the structure of activities in the kindergarten; the basic work areas and activities, the position and the role of educationalist, educators and children; systematic and multidimensional nature of educational process in the context.