Pedagogy – Bachelor’s Degree 2009
Contemporary orientations in pedagogy
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 4
Recommended Semester: 7
ECTS Credits Allocated: 5.00
Pre-requisites: General Pedagogy and History of Pedagogical Ideas exams

Course objectives: Introduction into different conceptions of education, pedagogical orientations and schools; training for critical reflection and assessment of pedagogical theories and teachings; acquainting students with the appropriate forms of research work in this field.

Course description: Theoretical course: Foundations, resources and the main characteristics of educational orientations created at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. Origins and basics of individual education. Tolstoy’s understanding of education and school. Educational ideas of E. Key. Foundations of social education. Social education of P. Natorp. Durkheim’s understanding of education. Foundations of cultural education. Maine tendencies in "work school" (manual work trend, intellectual trend, active school, work school of illustrative trend, productive work school). Basics of pragmatic education. Experimental pedagogy. Comparative education. Practical course: Practice, seminars, discussions about the understanding of the nature of a child, the essence, goal, contents and methods of education in different pedagogical orientations, and the attempts of practical use of certain pedagogical ideas.

Learning Outcomes: Acquired thorough knowledge about the basic assumptions of contemporary educational theories; the capacity for understanding and critical assessment of educational conceptions and their theoretical-methodological foundations; mastering the appropriate forms of research work.

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