Laboratory for Bioarchaeology - Research Staff


Vesna Dimitrijević, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests: Archaeozoology. Palaeonthology of Quaternary vertebrates. Pleistocene cave mammal fauna. Humans and animals in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Taphonomy of the archaeozoological material. Archaeomalacology.

Sofija Stefanović, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research interests: Physical anthropology, especially analysis of musculoskeletal stress markers and treponemal infections in European prehistory; interdisciplinary research (ancient DNA, strontium isotopes, lipids).

Marija Radović , Research-Assistant

Research interests: Physical anthropology; Dental anthropology; Tooth Cementum Annulation (TCA) method; the dental status of populations in the prehistory of Balkans.

Sonja Vuković, Research-Assistant

Research interests: Archaeozoology. Human-animal interrelationships in the Ancient Roman period. Ancient Roman diet. Geometric morphometry.

PhD students

Jelena Bulatović

Research interests: Archaeozoology. Human-animal interrelationships in the Aeneolithic and Bronze Age. Exploitation of secondary products (milk, wool, traction). Analytical chemical methods for milk detection. Domestication of horse.

Ivana Živaljević

Research interests: Archaeozoology. Prehistory of Europe and Near East (the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic). Domestication of animals in the Neolithic. Human-animal interrelationships and cultural perceptions of animals in prehistory. Body studies in archaeology. Archaeology of gender, identity and personhood.

Stefan Milošević

Research interests: Taphonomy of animal remains from early prehistoric sites. Archaeozoology of Pleistocene and Early Holocene Europe. Animals as resources: the diet and dietary changes during the Palaeolithic and Early Mesolithic. The evolution of human behaviour in food procurement, transport and consumption. Humans and carnivores in early prehistory.