The Faculty of Philosophy provides Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programs through its nine departments: Department of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Department of History, Department of History of Art, Department of Archaeology, and Department of Classics.

The language of instructions in all Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programs is Serbian.  Some departments offer courses in English or other languages if necessary and obtainable.

Study programs and study specializations taught in Serbian are intended to reflect the outcomes of the Bologna Declaration and current trends in higher education.  All the departments of the Faculty of Philosophy offer 4-year Bachelor’s study programs, followed by 1-year Master’s study programs, and 1-year Specialization study program or 3-year Doctoral degree programs.  

The credit system at the Faculty of Philosophy conforms to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).  One academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS – credits that are equivalent to 1500 – 1800 hours of study proportionally distributed into two semesters, i.e. 30 credits per semester. It is the credit accumulation system and corresponding grades of credits are allocated to subjects that form a part of the study program.